Sabina and Ursula Eriksson were identical twin sisters from Sweden.

In 2008, they were on a coach from Liverpool to London.

The driver was suspicious of their behaviour and put them off at Keele services.

They were seen on CCTV walking along the central reservation of the M6.

Suddenly, they ran out into the speeding traffic, Sabina was hit by a SEAT.

Two police officers, Tracy Cope and Paul Findlayson, were called to the scene.

The BBC were filming a TV show ‘Motorway Cops’, so it was all caught on camera.

Surprisingly, as they arrived, the twins were calmly chatting.

But suddenly Ursula broke free and rushed back onto the motorway, straight under the wheels of a Mercedes truck going at 50mph.

Then Sabina ran onto the motorway, straight into a VW Polo doing 70mph.

On the soundtrack, you can hear the police officer’s voice cracking as he radios: “Ambulance to the scene, we’ve got two possible fatals.”

Other voices are saying: “Jesus Christ, have you ever seen anything like that before?” and “No human body could survive that” and “She went up in the air like a rag doll”.

But they were more astounded when they found both sisters were still alive.

Ursula’s legs had been crushed by the lorry.

But she started swearing, scratching, and spitting at the police.

Then Sabina started screaming and fighting, she punched Tracy Cope in the face and ran back onto the motorway.

It took five big men to get her and hold her down.

The police managed to handcuff her, both sisters were sedated and taken to hospital.

Ursula was kept in hospital, Sabina was arrested but allowed to leave.

In her confused state she was wandering the streets looking for her sister.

She met Glenn Hollinshead walking his dog, and stopped to stroke it.

They talked and, by chance, he was a trained paramedic, he asked if she’d like to use his spare room, and next day he’d help her check the hospitals for her sister.

But the next day she stabbed him to death.

She left with a hammer, then walked along the street hitting herself in the head with it.

A motorist, Joshua Grattage, saw it and tried to stop her but she knocked him down with a roof-tile she had in her pocket.

Then she ran onto an overpass, forty feet above the A50 road, and threw herself off.

She broke both ankles and fractured her skull.

The police arrested her for murder.

Ursula and Sabina refused to comment, and tests showed no drugs in their systems.

The experts couldn’t agree what was wrong with the twins.

They debated between “Induced Delusional Disorder” or “Acute Polymorphic Psychotic Disorder”.

But Glenn Hollinshead’s brother had a different question: why was Sabina allowed out when she’d just tried to throw herself in front of motorway traffic THREE times?

When she’d been so crazy, screaming-swearing-spitting-punching, it had taken FIVE men to hold her down.

At least if she’d been held, his brother would still be alive.

The official answer was she’d been examined by 3 experts: 1) a police surgeon, 2) a psychiatrist, and 3) a social worker, who’d decided she was no danger to anyone.

So three experts couldn’t spot what any normal person could spot.

That someone who repeatedly throws themself into traffic is disturbed and dangerous.

But experts with the right job-title are entitled to opinions that outweigh commonsense.

So we are forced to listen to experts, even when commonsense tells us they are wrong.

Even when everything tells us it’s just nonsense wrapped up in posh language.

Remember that in your next meeting.