You are albe to raed tihs dpitese the fcat taht the lrettes are in the wrnog order.

At lsaet, the lrettes in the mliedde of ecah wrod are wrnog.

The lrettes at the bnninegig and end of ecah wrod are crreorct.

Wchih is why yuor mnid is albe to mkee snsee of tehm.

Rcraesehers at Cmebdgrie Uinervsity fnoud it dnseo’t meattr waht oedrr the leettrs are in so lnog as the frist and lsat leettrs are in the rghit pacle.

Tihs is bcauesu the biran is a pettran-mnikag sesytm.

It wkros on a pniricapl cllead GESTALT.

The mian prpicnal of GESTALT is taht the Unservie is mdae up of an inifinte anuomt of stluimi.

The olny way the mnid can make sesne of it all is to oranisge it.

So our mnid tekas tgnihs wcihh are lkie ecah oehtr and sotrs tehm itno gpuors.

Tihs mkaes smoe knid of snsee out of the msas of stliumi.

A moillon direnffent thgnis are imbosslipe to unadsretnd.

But put tehm itno gpuors and it bemoces much eeisar.

And of cosrue two gouprs is the eiesayst of all.

Wchih is why the BINARY syetsm is the way all coetupmrs wrok.

It is the sselpmit and fsetsat chcioe of all.

So taht is how our mdnis wrok.

Sonrtig thgnis into sipmle parettns.

Beofre we are eevn arawe of it, our mdnis are sotring enirhytevg itno two oppsitoe gpuors.

Good – Bad. Hot – Clod. Up – Dwon. Go – Saty. Drak – Lghit. Fsat – Solw. Storng – Waek.

But waht use is that knwodglee to us?

Waht can we laren form it aobut msas conummciiton?

Wlel, to be sufsseccul we msut donamite the guorp we are in.

So we msut be in cntrool of the guorp we wnat to dotiname.

So we msut craeta the guorp ousrevels.

How we do tahjt is by chisoong waht esle is in the guorp.

Taht way, wehn we poitison oevlesrus, we reoipisotn enoyreve esle.

Fisrt we msut fnid, or ctaere, a direnffece.

Tehn we msut ditatce the BINARY chisoe.

We msut ditatce the parettn to the mind.

Taht way we aumatollitacy hvae a legrar srahe of mnid.

Bsuace it is a chicoe beewten us and enoyreve esle in the crogetay.

So if we are the Bggeist, evryenoe esle msut be Smllaer.

If we are the Faetsst, evryenoe esle msut be Slewor.

If we are the Loegnst, evryenoe esle msut be Shteror.

The stetarigc prat is to dedice whcih aera we can cialm taht wlil roitpisoen evonyree esle.

Tehn we wlil hvae a mcuh laegrr shrae of mnid.

Besuace we wlil hvae retisopnioed evyrenone esle to siut ousrevles.

Tehn we wlil dotanime our slef-cretaed carogety.

We hvae to ditatce the parettn for the guorp and for the mnid.

Tehn we can dotanime taht guorp, and domtanie the mnid.

By unredastdning taht the mnid wkros on parentts.


By unredastdning waht GESTALT is and how it wroks.