Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury (HHCL) was an amazing agency with an amazing atmosphere.

Consequently amazing people wanted to work there.

John Parkin and an Italian girl named Gaia worked there.

But they didn’t get on.

In fact, on a ‘presentation skills’ course they argued so much the leader used them as an example of two people who should never work together.

Despite that, John and Gaia were sexually attracted to each other.

So they said ‘Fuck it’ and began a relationship.

It turned out to be so successful they got married.

But John and Gaia’s real love wasn’t advertising, it was alternative therapies.

So eventually they said ‘Fuck it’ and quit their jobs at HHCL.

They left advertising and began teaching workshops from home.

But, much as they loved London, it was too stressful for the sort of work they wanted to do.

So they worked hard, saved hard, eventually said “Fuck it” and moved to the Italian countryside.

They bought and ran a beautiful, huge, hillside estate and launched their very successful therapy-retreats business.

But huge estates take a lot of running.

And eventually they had to admit that running and owning their dream was as stressful as working in advertising in London.

So eventually they said “Fuck it”, sold their dream and began renting retreats as they needed them for workshops.

That way they’d have all the pleasure and none of the stress.

John and Gaia now hold their workshops in Urbino in Italy, on a 400-acre estate surrounding a 14th century village.

They also hold them on the volcanic island of Stromboli in Sicily, with just 400 inhabitants.

Meanwhile John began writing.

About everything he’d learned about alternative therapies, but translated into a way that would make ‘letting go’ accessible to people leading a modern urban lifestyle.

But he couldn’t think of an appropriate title for his book.

In fact, finding a title was proving stressful.

So eventually he just thought “Fuck it”.

And now John’s book is available on Amazon.

It’s called “Fuck It” and his books have sold 400,000 copies in twenty-two languages.

Because “Fuck It” doesn’t just mean giving up.

It’s based on a much deeper truth.

In Buddhism and Taoism, the cause of all suffering is desire.

Desire for things to be different.

And the root of that desire is attachment.

Attachment to a certain outcome.

More money, less work, different possessions.

Always more, or less, or different.

And the attachment to that outcome is the root of all misery.

Without the attachment to things changing, things are fine as they are.

Even if they aren’t perfect.

That doesn’t mean you sit around and do nothing.

Just the opposite in fact, because now you are more free to act.

It means you enjoy the process of being alive, without feeling you can only enjoy it if it’s certain way.

More, less, or different.

You can still have a preference of course, but it’s a preference, it isn’t life or death.

It’s a different way of saying what Buddha and Lao Tsu said several thousand years ago.


“Fuck It”.