One day, a mega powerful agency CEO decided he should have some modern art in his office, like Charlie Saatchi.

So he bought a very expensive painting and had someone hang it on his wall.

After he’d gone home one night, a young drunken copywriter (no-names no-pack drill, Geoff) went into the CEO’s office.

He saw the painting on the wall, featuring lots of little coloured squares.

He went outside and brought back a Pantone book and a pair of scissors.

(A Pantone book lots of is small sheets of paper perfectly matching any colour.)

He matched up the colours on the painting.

Then he cut out about a dozen perfect little replica squares, and laid them on the floor.

In the morning the CEO came in.

He stood back to admire his new painting and went ballistic.

“What the fuck is this? Get the fucking gallery owner on the phone right now.”

His PA got the gallery owner on the phone.

The CEO yelled, “The fucking squares are falling of my picture. I paid a fortune for it.”

The gallery owner said, “Sir, the squares can’t fall off, they’re painted on.”

The CEO yelled, “Don’t tell me that, I’ve got little fucking paper squares all over my floor.”

The gallery owner said, “Paper squares? I think someone’s having a game with you sir, that’s an acrylic painting.”

The CEO realised everyone in the office was listening.

He went an even deeper shade of red.  

He slowly put the phone down.

He didn’t buy any more modern art paintings.

The young writer left the agency shortly after.

Before the CEO could find out who’d done it.

If only we could harness that sort of creativity for advertising.