The Binary works way, way better when you see the chart.


Unfortunately, I haven’t yet mastered putting visuals into the posts.


So click on the link above.



Once you’re there, click on the image to enlarge it.

Then print it off.



Now, starting at the top.
Choose between Market Growth and Brand Share.
Immediately you have chosen one, cover up the other side of the graph.



Move down to the middle.
Choose between Current Users or Trial.
Immediately you have chosen one, cover up the remaining half.



Move down to the bottom.
Choose between Product and Brand.
Immediately you have chosen one, cover up the remaining option.


You should now have three connected ovals: top, middle, and bottom.
This is your communication brief.

Make sure everyone understands it and agrees with it.
If you want to change it you can.


Try it on the ads you like, the ones that you know work.
See where they fit in and how they work.

Then try it on the ads that don’t work.


Get a conversation going between yourselves.

Use it to discuss if the ads are doing what you think they should be doing.
The more you use it, the easier it gets.



Remember it’s a tool, a language.
It should help you understand how advertising works.
It should help make you able to take it apart and discuss it.


Like opening up the bonnet to see how a car works.


The Binary Brief isn’t a formula.
It’s a language.