In the days before Macs, every agency had a studio.
This is place where all the artwork was done.
Typographers would choose a typeface for each ad and get it set.
Then the cut-and-paste guys would carefully stick everything together to make the finished ad.
Photo, illustration, headline, copy, logo, packshot.
The studio was like a little artwork factory.
I always liked to hang out with the guys in the studio.
They were more normal, and less pretentious, than a lot of the superstar  ‘creatives’.
I heard a story about a very shy guy that worked in one of the studios.
He didn’t get out much, he’d never had a girlfriend.
He was pretty much what you’d call a ‘geek’.
It was his birthday and the rest of the guys thought they should take him out for a few drinks.
Then one of the guys had a better idea.
Since he was obviously a virgin, what would be the best birthday present they could get him?
They thought the best birthday present they could give him was to get him laid.
So they all had a whip-round and put in as much as they could afford and hired a hooker for the night.
They briefed her that she was to be in the bar, and make it obvious that she fancied the guy.
And she was to make herself available to go back to his place and stay the night.
But, whatever happened, she mustn’t let on that she was a hooker and they’d paid.
That night they took him to the bar.
They bought him a few drinks.
Someone said, “Look at the bird at the end of the bar, she keeps looking over here.”
Someone else said, “Who’s she looking at?”
Someone said, “She’s looking at Ron.”
Someone else said, “Here Ron, I think she fancies you.”
After a few more drinks it was obvious even to Ron that she did.
After another drink Ron was persuaded to chat to her.
In fact Ron got on very well with her.
She kept rubbing against him and stroking his leg.
After a while everyone said it was time to go.
Ron said to her, “I’m getting a cab. Can I give you a lift?”
And she left arm-in-arm with Ron.
Everyone was very pleased with the good deed they all felt they’d done.
It had been expensive, but it was worth it.
It was his birthday and they’d given the shy guy the night of his life.
The next morning everyone turned up for work as normal.
Although they were curious, no one mentioned anything.
They kept waiting but Ron just carried on as if nothing had happened.
Eventually one of the guys couldn’t stand it any longer.
He winked and said, “So Ron, how did you get on with that bird last night?”
Ron looked up conspiratorially.
He raised an eyebrow and quietly said, “Do you know what? I reckon I could’ve had her.”

Sometimes the chance is on a plate, right in front of us, and we can’t see it.