Here’s a thing.

Most people spend their lives trying not to piss other people off.

In case they stop talking to them.

In case they find themselves without friends.

But try this.

Only 10% of the people on the planet are right for you.

90% are totally wrong and a waste of your time.

That sounds bad, but is it?

How many people could you meet in your lifetime?

Supposing you could meet one new person every day of your life.

From the day you were born until the day you died.

And supposing you lived 100 years.

That’s 100 X 365 = 36,500.

To round it up, call it 50,000.

So the most people you could possibly meet in your life is 50,000.

Now there are 6 BILLION people on the planet.

If only 10% of them are right for you, that’s 600,000,000.

Forget that.

Suppose only 1% of people on the planet are right for you.

That’s still 60,000,000 people.

I make that 1,200 times more people than you can meet in your lifetime.

So you’d need 1,200 lifetimes to meet all the people on the planet that are perfect for you.

Given that, why would you spend a second of this lifetime worrying about the opinions of all the people who aren’t?