Some people have asked what are my favourite books (non-advertising).

At the agency, I ask everyone to list their all-time favourite top 10 books, films, and tracks on the central server.

(Kind of like “Desert Island Discs”, you have to restrict it to 10.)

That way anyone can check in and get ideas for new stuff to read or listen to, whenever they want.

So this is my book list.

There are loads more, but this is the top 10.

Not in any order.




Chickenhawk                                                 Robert C. Mason


Wild Swans                                                    Jung Chang


History of Western Philosophy                    Bertrand Russell


Liar’s Poker                                                   Michael Lewis


Grand Central Winter                                    Lee Stringer


Down and Out in Paris and London            George Orwell


Moab is My Washpot                                    Steven Fry


E=mc2                                                            David Bodanis


Zeno and the Tortoise                                  Nicholas Fearn


Keys to the City                                             Joel Kostman





Einstein’s Dreams                                        Alan P. Lightman


Alfie                                                                Bill Naughton


Pat Hobby Stories                                        F. Scott Fitzgerald


The Damned United                                     David Peace


The Tesseract                                               Alex Garland


Trainspotting                                                  Irvine Welsh


On Broadway                                                Damon Runyon


Confederacy of Dunces                               John Kennedy Toole


Complete Prose                                            Woody Allen


Golfing For Cats                                            Allen Coren