Vinny Warren did the ‘Wassup’ campaign for Budweiser.

It was one of the biggest advertising phenomena ever.

It caught on worldwide.

In countries where they don’t even speak English.

(But where they still drink Budweiser.)

Tons of free media, sales went through the roof.

So Vinny became a star and now has his own ad agency in Chicago.

Recently he was interviewed on Crispin Porter Bogusky’s blog.

Vinny thought a blog interview was a really good idea.

So he asked me to one on his blog.

The questions he asked were so thorough that it took me 11 pages to do them justice.

That’s a lot of work.

So I’m putting the link up here, in case anyone’s interested.

After you’ve read it, you may have some of your own questions.

If so, come back and ask them here, and I’ll try to answer them.