My big sister works in New York.

She is in charge of fund raising for the Chemotherapy Foundation.

As you can imagine, getting money out New Yorkers is a tough job.

But she likes it: she like a challenge.

Which is why she likes New York.

She works 6 days week, 12 hours a day.

One evening, after work, she went to the cashpoint (not smart at 11pm).

She couldn’t find a cab so she decided to take the subway uptown (also not smart at 11pm).

At the top of the subway steps she felt something in her back.

A voice said, “Lady this is a gun.  Give me the money and no one has to get hurt.”

She turned around, looked the guy in the eyes and said, “Wrong. You do.”

Then she grabbed his coat lapels, kneed him in the balls and fell backwards, dragging him with her to the bottom of the subway steps.

They were rolling around on the floor, punching and kicking.

Then, my sister said, “Dammit. A transit cop came up and hauled me off him.”

The guy was arrested and convicted.

My sister got a letter of commendation from the District Attorney.

I said to her, “That’s all very well Shirl, but if you’d been killed I’m the one who would have to tell Mum and Dad.”

She said, “What can I tell you Dave? I looked in his eyes and I knew I could take him.”

That’s why my sister loves New York.

It’s a can-do town.

And it’s no place for shy people.

Advertising is also no place for shy people.

They have an expression that sums up New York, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

They think that’s logical.

If a wheel squeaks it needs oil.

If it doesn’t squeak, it doesn’t need oil.

So, if you want something, you need to make a noise.

You need to let whoever has got it know that you want it.

You need to let them know why they should give it to you.

You need to actively do something.

Not just passively sit there and hope it happens.

That’s how advertising works.

And that’s why good advertising started in New York.